Innovation in Action:

Decoding Our Dynamic Business Model



  • Nevis Investments, founded in 2014, strategically positioned itself within the decentralized finance sector, culminating in the successful launch of its platform in 2021.

  • Serving as a dedicated staking platform, Nevis proactively generates stable and passive profits, providing investors with a consistent and secure financial avenue.

  • Investors have the option to stake USDT or BNB on the platform, with the benefit of receiving monthly stable profits in the staked digital currency.

How Process Works

How it works

The structure of our business model mirrors that of the broking model prevalent in the capital market.

In the dynamic realm of blockchain, Nevis introduces an arbitrage avenue that entices arbitrage bots for trading. With a 10% fee structure (5% Buy & 5% Sell) per trade, Nevis achieves a lucrative 10% revenue per transaction.

Nevis allocates profits to investors based on their selected tenure, ensuring a tailored distribution approach.

Get to Know

Staking plan

Nevis extends flexibility to investors through its array of staking contracts — 90, 180, and 360 days—featuring capped profits upto 3%, 4%, and 5%, enabling individuals to align their investment approach with their financial goals.

Investors receive their profits from Nevis on a monthly basis, providing a consistent and regular income stream.

At the end of the chosen contract, Nevis ensures the return of the principal amount, offering investors a secure and complete investment cycle.